Horn buttons

Horn buttons

Horn buttons are usually more expensive than corrosion buttons, plastic and polyester buttons. The truth, however, lies in touching the surface of the horn knob itself, which offers real pleasure. The horn buttons have their fans because of the natural raw material and the beauty it creates. The animal horn recreates an incredible concept for creating horn buttons. The qualities and characteristics such as thickness, structure, patterns, coloration depend on the species, age, health of the animal. Designers are dedicated to modern technology to make their unique pattern.
There are subtle or coarser and larger buttons are for clothing and textiles that are different in style and substance. 
They are a great addition to your outfit, and handmade knits are a good fit too.


Many years ago, when people were wearing leather, they needed something to attach it to, so this is the material they used to meet and producing every day. What is left of the tree and the horns of animals? 
Of course, they are not the horn buttons that we nowadays use and know how they look, but the function they have fulfilled is the truth.

From the appearance of the first labor tools and ornaments in the household, horn knobs have also appeared. For millennium, until now, people have not missed the horn button trend. In truth, the button was used as an amulet to protect its owner from evil powers and magics. Horn decoration was very popular. Horn buttons also found a place in craftsmen, artists and designers, turning it into jewelry. Years ago, they put signs with the names of people carved into the horn itself. Their natural origin and processing, they hold in people the desire for ownership, and their production and processing do not pollute the environment. Old buttons are recycled easily and safely and naturally. You need to know that each button is unique in itself because of its personality and this is because of the natural origin of each.