Polyester buttons

What lies behind the production of polyester buttons?

The polyester buttons depend entirely on the shape and the material from which they are made. The polyester shape is formed like a sheet or is rod-shaped. The color that will be formed depends on their formation. One of the most famous buttons are transparent or translucent. Polyester buttons are the most used in the world because they offer high quality at a low cost. Customer appeal is important to us, as we offer buttons with logos, inscriptions and additional colouring inside, which enhances the effect and attracts customers. For polyester buttons, there are some important features. For polyester buttons there are some pretty important features. Density is an important component,
which is determined by the casting of the polyester and the width which is extremely important for making a quality knob and spacing of its holes. For these features, EUROBUTTONS provides you with 4 options – bright, semi-bright, frosted and mat-bright. The advantage of polyester buttons is that they fit any type of clothing and fabric. From 12 to 72, they can be sewn on both men’s clothing and delicate ladies’ dresses, and we can also provide you with buttons for coats and coarse knits. Polyester buttons offset plastic due to
it’s higher durability and beauty.