Buttons made of bone

Buttons made of bone

Older ones may remember the old bones buttons. Of course, the old one remains a darker color. They were everywhere, from grandmother’s shirts to pillows. Even mothers made special dresses when the fashion of baby garters came out, on which large bones buttons were sewn, and garters were to hang them. Bone is incredibly suitable for carving, engraving and painting. However, with modern technology, all this is done with a laser beam. Customers also like the inscriptions, the logo of the designer whose work is, for example, clothing. Impressive effects are created by the combination of engraving and paint at the bottom of the grooves.
Burning is one of the most beautiful methods of giving a vintage or retro style. Specialists believe that this material is one of the most suitable for high-temperature processing because the resulting shades and shadows cannot be repeated on anything else.
We can create a unique batch of your design, strictly meeting all your requirements and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Modern old material

Bone buttons were one of the horn and mother of pearl favorites. After people learned how to breed animals, there was plenty of material. The bone was relatively easy to process, firm and withstand easy washing and drying. This type of button is not as brilliance as the precious metals and stones, or even of mother of pearl shells, but it did not cost much and did an excellent job. Archaeologists have been inspired by the bone. Miniatures were made by nameless masters centuries ago. 
The glory of bone buttons, however, was delayed in the mid-20th century. Polyester and plastic have been revered for a long time, but with the advent of technology and easy processing, bone buttons have earned their fame, impressing people with beauty. You can identify bone buttons with a higher density than other natural materials, and this makes them more difficult under equal or other conditions. The sound it emits when it’s dropped is like hitting a glass with a porcelain. It has a characteristic color and their color fits in unconditionally. What is unique is that it can have a beautiful effect when the paint is lightly rubbed in places and the natural base underneath.

The use of bone buttons before and now

Today bone buttons are sophisticated, with high decorative value, additions to a specific style of clothing or fabrics, and previously they were just a small jewelry that did not impress with glitter and was used mainly to fasten and unfasten. Bone buttons are ideally suited to fabrics made from natural fibers of vegetable or animal origin – wool, linen, cotton.
Mainly preferred for outerwear – coats, jackets, jackets, raincoats and more. They also fit perfectly on suits and sports vests.
They capture the eye and interest of collectors. They are not excluded from exhibitions and enjoy special attention at the only Button Museum in Italy.